How to Earn Your Master’s Degree in Europe…for FREE!

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A lifelong dream of mine was to live and study in Europe. I was only 19 when this dream came true and little did I know that it would change the course of my life forever. After that summer of learning French in the south of France, I was hooked on living abroad and was determined to do everything and anything possible to get myself back to Europe.

In my pursuit of happiness (and another awesome adventure abroad), I discovered that you could earn a degree from a European university for less than you’d pay in the USA. If this sounds awesome to you, keep reading…

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1. You can study (almost) any subject in English.

That’s right. There are thousands of programs in all disciplines offered at the bachelors, master’s and doctorate levels.

Click here to learn more about Master’s…

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Horrible History: Medieval Italian Skeleton Reveals Livestock Disease

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A sip of unpasteurized sheep or goat’s milk may have spelled doom for a medieval Italian man.

A new genetic analysis of bony nodules found in a 700-year-old skeleton from Italy reveal that the man had brucellosis, a bacterial infection caught from livestock, when he died. It’s not clear if the disease killed the man, but he likely would have suffered from symptoms such as chronic fatigue and recurring fevers, according to the researchers who analyzed the bones.

This medieval Italian man joins many other long-dead people in getting a postmortem diagnosis of brucellosis. Signs of the disease have been found in skeletons from the Bronze Age and earlier. In fact, the disease predates modern humans: In 2009, researchers reported possible signs of brucellosis in a specimen of the human ancestor Australopithecus africanus, who lived more than 2 million years ago. (10 Deadly Diseases That Hopped Across Species

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B U D A P E S T   even the name resonates individuality and quirk – this is a city that has captured my heart. it has the most special charm to it, with such a unique culture and history. Although it is clearly less developed than Western Europe it is by no means third world. Budapest has such a strong identity that is confident enough to stand alone and has a magical power of drawing people into its way of life. If every you have an opportunity to visit this hidden gem grab it up and stay for a year! 

From the get-go my experience in this capital city was perfect. I stayed at Maverick City Lodge on Kazinczy Utca, just outside of the tourist district but clearly the area for local cuisine at affordable rates. Every morning I was able to get my caffeine fix at Goamama

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How to have fun in Amsterdam: Day 1

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Directly following our birthright adventure in Israel, me and my travel compadre headed to The Netherlands to kickstart our two week tour across Europe. We had always heard stories about the fascinating legalities that exist in Amsterdam, and before arriving, were sure to gather as much useful advise and as many recommendations as possible. Amsterdam for us was the beginning of the next level of our travel experience abroad. Because of the liabilities placed on the organization sponsoring the birthright trip, our ability to roam and indulge in the nightlife was very limited–if not completely restricted at times, so Amsterdam in our minds would be the perfect place to temporarily place responsibility on the back burner and take full advantage of our new unbridled freedom. Practically from the moment we awoke in our newly-made hostel beds we set off to hit the city. The first thing we did after we got breakfast was…

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So wow, much social

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Apparently the recent Samsung update comes with a pre-installed Line app, because suddenly there’s one on my phone that I can’t get rid of. I also can’t use it, somehow: tapping the icon just brings up Line’s Google Play page, and tapping “Open” on that page brings up…nothing. There were no post-update error messages, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that Samsung installed this empty shell of an app just to fuck with me.

This has been “Good Times with Tech” with your usual grumping. You may now resume your glitch-free lives.

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Orbs’ Money-Making Secrets From 9 Wizards

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1. Tizor the Grand Mage

In his latest brochure, Tizor the Grand Mage details a plan to play financial chicken with the New York Stock Exchange. His left-field approach stems from his historical encounters with stock bubbles, which have long since left him enormously wealthy. For example, Tizor still owns shares of Berkshire Hathaway, which cost about $1500 at the time (at the time of this writing, BRK.A was priced at $192,441.00 a share). According to Tizor, the spells he was taught by his father, the luminous Gruefuis the Wild, helped tremendously with his financial acumen. “I thought about investing in real estate, but my father — bless his spirit — warned me that it would be suicide,” Tizor the Grand Mage said. “Why invest in something that people can physically ruin, when you can invest in something that people need, but is intangible? So I invested a…

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Apple Secretly Acquired “Pandora For Books” Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon

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BookLamp Apple FeatureE-book data analysis company BookLamp may have been acquired by Apple, according to a source and several bits of corroborating evidence that point to the startup shutting down and its team?s presence in the Cupertino area. BookLamp?s ?Book Genome Project? was designed to scan the writing style of books you like and suggest novels or authors with a similar feel. It? Read More

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