Internet of Things will generate 400 zettabytes of data by 2018

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The Internet of Things will generate an astonishing 400 zettabytes (ZB) of data per year by 2018, according to a new report from Cisco. To put things into perspective, a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes.


The company’s annual Global Cloud Index study reveals that data from connected devices will reach 403ZB each year by 2018, up from 113.4ZB in 2013. In particular, Cisco cites a number of real-world business examples that will drive this rise in data, including a Beoing 787 aircraft which generates 40TB per hour of flight or an automated manufacturing facility that produces approximately 1 TB per hour (of which 5 GB is transmitted to a data center).

As the report highlights, cloud-based services are essential for most Internet of Everything (IoE) applications, which increases the ability for people, data, and things to communicate with one another over the Internet. Despite this huge growth in data from IoE devices, only a small…

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Okay, we admit it. Google may be serious about cloud after all

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Some of us (that would be you Derrick Harris) were skeptical about whether Google really, really, really wanted to be in the cloud business. Well we’re starting to be convinced after this week’s Google Cloud Platform Live event. At the very least a lot of resources are being poured into this effort, which, as Google Cloud product marketing lead Brian Goldfarb reminds us, builds atop massive infrastructure including the Andromeda software-defined-network infrastructure and Kubernetes container management system already in use in Google’s, um, other business.

Goldfarb has a lot to say about Google’s place in the enterprise cloud spectrum and the competitive landscape, so make sure you listen,s tarting at around minute 12 if you’re in a hurry.

Derrick and I also discuss the state of OpenStack as the OpenStack Summit winds down in Paris. And no, neither of us got to go. But our colleague David Meyer did and…

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☁Explosive Amount of Data #Storage #PS

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vFabric Data Director

Data is the lifeblood of any organization and increasingly one of its most valuable assets. Now, more than ever, enterprises rely on data to maintain and grow their business.  But with data proliferating at an explosive pace, storing, backing up, securing, archiving and providing access to that data becomes increasingly difficult.

When the cloud came along it offered a paradigm shift for data management regardless of whether the organization was looking for a public cloud, private cloud or combining the two into a hybrid cloud. While the cloud brought many advantages to organizations, it also introduced a host of complications, particularly around data management. Data management with multiple point products became much more complicated in cloud environments, often resulting in diminishing returns.

There are many arguments and Studies with regards to using a single Vendor or multiple for your data management Software needs. Take the time and invest in valuable research…

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Automating VMware DR Recovery at Amazon

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Is cloud based DR and recovery all that it is cracked up to be? Many businesses are looking at the cloud as the DR promised land. By drastically reducing the costs of DR infrastructure, the cloud can potentially make DR affordable for almost any organization. But there is one “gotcha”. While provisioning cloud compute and storage resources may not be terribly complex, it does require end-users to familiarize themselves with the providers interface. And while the provisioning process may not be overly burdensome when only configuring a handful of servers, it can be long and laborious when it needs to be done for dozens of servers in the heat of a DR event.

OneCloud Software aims to bridge the gap between private data centers and public cloud infrastructure management, by providing the DR “configuration glue” required to map virtualized application infrastructure dependencies in private data centers with compute and storage…

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Germany on the verge of energetic collapse!

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Lausitz The largest German energy companies suffer huge losses, which are exacerbated by the country’s transition to renewable energy. The situation can result in a catastrophe, warn experts.

The energy market in Germany is in danger and one of the two major energy companies are ” almost dead ,” according to an article published by Financial Times , which quotes the leader of the main French state power company, Electricité de France(EDF), Henri Proglio. The publication calls „disaster situation in the energy market in Germany“.

The two major energy companies RWE -E.On and are under tremendous pressure. “One is almost dead, the other is in a very difficult situation”, says Proglio. The benefits of German energy companies are dropping as the country gradually resigns to conventional energy sources, replacing renewable, and implements a program for the complete renunciation of nuclear energy, remember ‘Financial Times‘.

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What’s in a business school ranking?

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Dear reader

In a recent article with the title „The Dark Side Of B-School Rankings“, Mr. John Byrne from „Poets & Quants“ reflected on merits and dangers of business school rankings.

Poets & Quants is a social network. Its goal is to create a helpful community of people interested in graduate business school education and I feel we belong to that community.

He points out that those rankings are suspicious and uncovered the case of UCMK, the University of Missouri—Kansas City which was rated higher than MIT and Stanford.

“Could be”, you might say and so do I. However, they also uncovered that the Chinese authors of the study had been at the same Chinese university where one of the professors had been a part-time professor the previous four years, and at UMKC, the three shared the same office number.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-05 um 21.23.05Business school rankings: curse or blessing?

Another professor…

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Watch the world’s fastest elevators ascend the world’s tallest buildings

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When the CTF Financial Centre skyscraper is completed in 2016, it will stand at 530 meters—not the highest-soaring building ever constructed, but on the shortlist of the world’s tallest towers.

What will set the tower apart from the competition is its elevator, which will ascend at 20 meters per second. It will be the fastest elevator in the world—twice as fast as that of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, and nearly three times the speed you can travel up the Empire State Building.

The CTF building’s warp-speed lift is part of a trend of extremely fast elevators, motivated by a need to navigate increasingly massive skyscrapers, and enabled by technology that brings a 160-year-old engineering practice into the 21st century.

Thanks to an excellent graphic and story put together by the Financial Times, you can watch the results of this trend in real time. Here’s a video, via the FT, of…

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Zen Running

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One. The ground is not your enemy. Do not pound the ground. Move on supple springs. Touch the ground with a sense of continued appreciation.

Two. Breathe, relax, smile. Breathe, relax, smile. If you forget everything else, linger here and you will still be well ahead. Breathe, relax, smile.

Three. Lead with your hips. (Surge your pelvis forward). Sink into your legs so that they become springs. Don’t forget to smile! Surge, Sink, Smile.

Four. Relax all your joints. Run supple and light, like a ghost in the twilight region of reality. (In both worlds while remaining in your own).

Five. The ball of the foot touches first, then the heel and toes gently kiss the ground. Forefoot then whole foot. Forefoot then whole foot. Let it come off the ground the instant it touches completely, like running on a hot tin roof.

Six. Your legs should be bent more…

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I have no teacher,
I make observation my teacher.

I have no lineage,
I make experience my lineage.

I have no credentials,
I make ability my credentials.

I have no secrets,
I make principles my secret.

I have no strategy,
I make expedience my strategy.

I have no enemies,
I make ignorance my enemy.

I have no concerns,
I make the moment my concern.

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Apple Pay pays off for Google Wallet too: users double and payments grow by 50%

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Android users might have raised an eyebrow at the media attention given to Apple Pay, given that the Google Wallet service has been available since 2011. However, it now appears that Google may be benefiting from Apple raising the profile of mobile payment: sources cited by arsTechnica report that Google Wallet service has seen the number of users almost double, with a 50% increase in weekly transactions during the past couple of months …

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