LinkedIn May Not Be The Coolest Social Network, But It’s Only Becoming More Valuable To Businesses

LinkedIn May Not Be The Coolest Social Network, But It’s Only Becoming More Valuable To Businesses

Each social media platform has a unique identity based on who uses the network and how they’re engaging on the site. LinkedIn has developed a special identity — and utility — as the social network for professionals. But it has come a long way from when it was simply a forum to make your resume visible to employers and your job postings searchable for recruitment.


Amazon Pays Its Staff Up To $5,000 If They Quit — No Strings Attached

Amazon Pays Its Staff Up To $5,000 If They Quit — No Strings Attached

Here’s our favorite part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders. He describes how the company will pay Amazon’s warehouse workers up to $5,000 to quit their jobs.

 The intent of the program is to ensure that Amazon only retains people who really, really want to work at Amazon.


Jeff Bezos’ Next Challenge For Amazon Is To Make It Easier For You To Pay For Stuff

Jeff Bezos’ Next Challenge For Amazon Is To Make It Easier For You To Pay For Stuff

The pressure is on for Amazon to amp up its payments efforts. 

 CEO Jeff Bezos is lighting a fire under Amazon’s team to make payments one of its top areas of focus and investment, according to Re/Code’s Jason Del Ray.   

“Jeff’s told us it’s something we need to be successful in, and should be successful in,” Tom Taylor, head of payments at Amazon, told Re/Code. “The pressure I feel from Jeff is, ‘Go faster.’”

Loyalty schemes, security key as retailers push into mobile payment space

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Earlier this week Reuters made a splash with a big story about how some big retailers are pushing into a “crowded” mobile payments market by releasing their own m-payment apps. Among the reasons for the initiatives mention by the piece, first place goes to the estimated $150 billion that retailers in developed countries spend every year to accept card payments from customers.

While merchants who adopt such systems can in certain cases enjoy lower transaction fees this may not be the most important benefit such retailers may enjoy. As or more valuable are the ability to integrate loyalty schemes into m-payment applications and the wealth of customer data that m-payments can offer merchants.

Loyalty = Interest

starbucks-mobile-loyaltyMeanwhile, it is crucial to understand that loyalty schemes represent more than just a key potential benefit of m-payments. For most merchants they offer the best – or only – practical way to encourage…

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Paypal brings wallet free dining to town

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edel_paypal 060

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting an insider look at the innovative things PayPal is doing with mobile wallets. A “happy hour,” of sorts, was held at Boehmer in Toronto and this intimate event really opened my eyes to the future of mobile payments.


Paypal has partnered with TouchBistro (which is the neat system that many of my favourite local spots have started using in lieu of traditional Point of Sale systems) to enable diners to check in and PayPal-it.

What does that mean?
It means you can simply walk into your local bar/coffee shop, order, and not have to fumble for cash or a card. It’s an almost seamless way to pay, and be on your way.  This also means that if you are like me and have a limited amount of time for lunch, you don’t have to wait for your bill when dining in. It even…

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That Moment When You Realize You Have to Turn Your Back on Where You Came From


No one loves my family more than I do. But it’s time we all accepted an uncomfortable truth: I’ve outgrown it.

It sounds drastic but I think it’s actually quite universal. And more than that, I think it’s necessary for true growth. Before you hyperventilate (especially if you’re a family member of mine), let’s pull apart exactly what sort of betrayal I’m advocating.

Certainly they nurtured me into the person I was, the young adult who most strongly identified with family. But I’ve shrugged off so much of that person, molted so many times now, that in order to be me, I can’t be them. In order to be true to myself, I have to turn my back on where I came from and embrace who I’ve become.

This was an uncomfortable realization. Suddenly my goals and priorities were different from theirs. I was the outlier. I had changed. I had evolved. When I went back home they were all still the same – same routine, same house, same street, same family, same rituals. And I think they expected me to be the same.

Now let’s be clear before the masses start chanting “Traitor!” I still adore them. I still miss them. We all have the same sense of humor, enjoy the same pastimes, and have years of kinship that bind us strongly together.

I had become adventurous, ambitious, and more optimistic. I found these changes a bit at odds with my family, which likes to stay within 20 miles of home, not put too much on the proverbial plate or aim too high, and enjoys commiserating. And none of those things are bad. But they aren’t me anymore.

So I had to make a choice. Do I embrace the newfound me, turning my back on my past? Or do I maintain this important connection in every possible way I can, including rejecting these new attributes? Well the answer was clear. Growth requires change. Sometimes change requires discomfort.

And besides, I like the new me.

Embrace change. Embrace broadening your horizons. Embrace the person you discover, even if she/he isn’t who you expected.

Which, I think, is the springboard of change, and, if you’re having trouble embracing a “you” that’s in conflict with your family, this should ease your anxiety.


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