MindMixer Raises $17M To Help Governments Connect With Their Communities

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mindmixerMindMixer, a platform allowing local governments to solicit ideas from their communities, is announcing that it has raised $17 million in Series C funding.
When I first spoke to the company a couple of years ago, co-founder and CEO Nick Bowden said the product isn?t just about submitting and voting on ideas, but also creating a process for actually implementing the best ones. Read More

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Netflix Taps Facebook To Let You Privately Recommend Content To Friends

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netflixsocialNetflix has just launched a new social recommendation feature that lets you suggest content to friends without posting publicly to social media. After connecting your Netflix and Facebook accounts, Netflix will now ask users a question each time they finish watching a movie or TV show: Do you want to suggest this video to a friend? Read More

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T-Shirt Design App Snaptee Raises $750,000 In Additional Funding

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SnapteeSnaptee, an app that lets users turn their smartphone photos into T-shirt designs, has raised an additional $750,000 from new investors SXE Ventures, Nest, Groupon Hong Kong co-founder Danny Yeung, and Joel Neoh, the CEO of Groupon Taiwan and Groupon Malaysia. The latest funding brings the total Snaptee has raised so far to $1.95 million. Read More

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Tocomail For Gmail Offers Parental Controls And Monitoring For Teens’ First Gmail Account

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IMG_0358A company called Tocomail earlier this year launched a mobile application designed to be kids? first email service, built with the parental controls and protections such an app would require, while allowing kids to write simple messages and send drawings to pre-approved family and friends. Now Tocomail is targeting a slightly older crowd with the debut of another app called Tocomail? Read More

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LatAm SMS Jobs Startup Emprego Ligado Closes $7M Series A To Expand

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le-sms-est-l-outil-favori-des-francais-pourDeveloping markets such as Latin America are eating up smartphone use, and a startup emerging out of Brazil is making the best use of that trend. Emprego Ligado is a job marketplace that competes with local job sites and staffing agencies for blue-collar Brazilians by using the cellphone to full effect. In 2012 it received backing from investors including 500 Startups and Initial Capital to? Read More

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Video 274: Đúng lúc và đúng chỗ

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Phái Shin Muso Hayashizaki-ryu có dạy đánh Iaijutsu bằng nodachi, một loại đại đao thường được sử dụng bởi kị bịnh. Nhìn sự điêu luyện của họ, thực lòng tôi rất ngưỡng mộ bởi thật khó hình dung làm sao họ có thể rút cây kiếm đó dễ dàng vậy. Nhưng nói đi cũng phải nói lại, nếu xét bối cảnh đang ngồi trong nhà thì dùng nodachi hơi bị thừa thãi. Kiếm Thánh Miyamoto Musashi có nói “việc sử dụng vũ khí phải đúng lúc và đúng chỗ”, ông phân tích rằng đoản kiếm mới phù hợp để dùng trong vị trí chật hẹp còn đại đao chủ yếu để dùng trên chiến trường. Chuyên luyện một vũ khí là điều tốt, nhưng để nó bó hẹp tư duy của mình lại là điều không nên.

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Book Review: Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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Hagakure (“Hidden Leaves” or “Hidden by the Leaves”) is a collection of observations, anecdotes and aphorisms by 18th century samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo. The edition I read was published by Kodansha with William Scott Wilson as the translator, and included extensive introductory and historical information. The book itself is a compilation worth one’s while to peruse if you want a feel for the social norms and moral maxims of samurai subculture in Yamamoto’s time. There are numerous sayings that can inspire one in the pursuit of excellence in any discipline. There are also numerous case examples of seppuku for one to consider the rationality of, or the possible irrationality. If you are looking for a book that more directly addresses mental discipline and swordsmanship, I would steer you to Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings before I would to Hagakure. That said, one of the last quotes I copied into…

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The Energy Of The Mind Is The Essence Of Your Life – Aristotle

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aristotle377764   If you want to improve your life you need to have a stronger connection with your essence.  Essence is your energy, your Life Force.  For a deeper understanding read this:  http://paulcrouse.com/blog/2013/10/23/what-is-your-essence      and some quotes you may like to read :  http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/essence      Enjoy your Journey…… Darlene

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No Brie for Moscow as Cheese Stacks Up in France on Ban

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Brie cheese.

At Alexander Krupetskov’s one-window cheese store in central Moscow, sales of products from France have tripled in the past two weeks.

Shoppers are stocking up on foods set to become scarce after Russia banned a range of products from the European Union and the U.S. in retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine. The nation of 143 million has been one of the fastest-growing export markets for French cheesemakers as Moscovites acquire a taste for creamy brie, pungent camembert and spicy Roquefort.

“The very foundation of the shop has been cast into major doubt,” said Krupetskov, who has four weeks of inventory left.

French cheese exports to Russia climbed 29 percent to 49.5 million euros ($66 million) last year, beating a 4.4 percent increase in total exports to 3 billion euros. Brie shipments to Russia rose 37 percent, while sales of stronger-tasting Roquefort advanced 13 percent, Eurostat trade data show.

At the…

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Why Startups Should Reconsider Before Cutting PR from the Budget

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As a start-up, maximizing time, value and resources is the only way to ensure proper growth and success. You’ve got to be lean – pun intended. Eric Ries’ Lean Startup philosophy “seeks to eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices during the product development phase so that startups can have a better chance of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or the perfect product.“ So if it is not a catalyst for growth, then there’s no time to waste on it. Makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that when looking at areas in the budget to cut back on or completely forgo, PR is often the leading contender for many startups. My perplexity isn’t coming from the fact that my mortgage, bills and frivolous motorcycle expenditures depend on my income from practicing PR, rather, the undeniable truth that PR is…

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