New Trends In Mobile Payments And What It Means For Your Business

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Image courtesy of mapichai /

Image courtesy of mapichai /

Mobile payment is one of the latest methods you can offer clients to pay for goods and services from you. In the last few years this technology has become more accessible to both businesses and consumers.

As use for the technology increases we can see a number of trends which have been prevalent in the market place. Here is a breakdown of those trends and how you, as a business, can adjust your business model to take advantage.

The Generational Gap

Research has shown there is huge difference in the up-take of the mobile payment method. 70% of those who have made a mobile payment were 39 or under. Those who are over 62 only account for 3%.

For your business it is important therefore to concentrate the marketing of your mobile payments facility to those of the younger generation. The older generation are…

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Samsung and Amazon Launch Galaxy-only Kindle Book Store

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Awesome. Another app to QA.

Samsung Book Deals through the Kindle for Samsung app will be available to anyone with a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Owners will be entitled to download 12 free books per year, taken from a choice of four offered up each month. The books on offer will be “prominent,” so expect an Amazon-curated list of well-known novels from which to choose.

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Samsung’s Own Apps Don’t Get Used Much, But That’s No Surprise

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Samsung preloads its own apps on its Android devices, including replacements for stock apps like the phone dialer and SMS software, as well as more advanced note-taking and WhatsApp competitor apps. But app away though they may, very few people are actually using them according to a new survey detailed by the Wall Street Journal. instead, people are using the apps you’d expect to be popular, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s why I don’t find that surprising: Samsung’s apps are the only ones from a major Android OEM that actively send me scurrying for alternatives even when I’m just using a device for a brief period to review it for the site. Generally speaking, I’m a fan of stock apps and enjoy that Android lets you use third-party apps instead of the default options anyway (hello is my current favorite for SMS, for instance). But with others, including…

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Verizon Galaxy S5 root bounty already exceeding $3,000

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It’s no secret that Samsung Galaxy device owners aren’t too fond of Sammy’s native software, however some folks will go to great lengths to see the company’s bloatware completely removed from their handset — even as far as paying out cold hard cash. Recently, a group of Verizon customers turned to the community at XDA Developers in hopes of finding a solution that will bring root access to Big Red’s version of the Galaxy S5.

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Android vs Apple… A review of the S5, kind of

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So I finally got my blue Galaxy S5 last Thursday. Can I just say, wow. Having owned the HTC ONE S previously my mind is well and truly blown.

Let me say right of the bat that I am firmly in the Android camp… I will come back to this layer.

For the nay sayers who have labelled the S5 cheap and plasticy you cannot be more wrong. I actually prefer the soft back cover to that of the slick metal HTC ONE M8. Mostly because I’m a clutz,  anything that slick I’m highly likely to drop. But really the material makes it light. Although it’s a beast of a phone it’s actually much lighter than my old HTC.

I won’t get too bogged down in techy stuff, but the camera is superb. Having given it a good test run over the long weekend (on a pub crawl no less)…

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HBO Signs Exclusive Licensing Deal With Amazon Prime

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My guess is that this will help to boost the popularity of the original programming Amazon has invested in, including Transparent, by creator and fellow Badger, Jill Soloway.

“Beginning on May 21 the multi-year agreement will enable Amazon Prime subscribers to stream series including The SopranosSix Feet UnderThe Wire, and later — about three years after episodes initially air —GirlsThe Newsroom and Veep.”

“The shows will still be available on HBO’s platforms, but the companies say that this is the first time the premium pay TV channel’s shows have been licensed to an online-only streaming service.”

“HBO and Amazon released few details about the deal terms and that it doesn’t include all HBO shows.”

The announcement from HBO & Amazon mentions:

“Beginning May 21, Amazon Prime members will have unlimited streaming access to:
  • All seasons of revered classics such as…

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