A new mission for Intel’s former star exec

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Sean Maloney was first in line to be the next CEO of Intel when he had a massive stroke in 2010. He made an extraordinary recovery, learning to speak out of the other side of his brain. Maloney returned to Intel[fortune-stock symbol="INTL"] and led the company’s business in China, its largest market, but he got passed over for CEO and retired.

He has hardly slowed down since. The American Heart Association announced yesterday — World Stroke Day — that Maloney, who chairs its Silicon Valley chapter, will ride his bike from San Francisco to New York City to raise money and awareness about stroke and heart-attack prevention. “Heart attacks are the No. 1 killer in the world, and strokes are almost as common. Too many people die because they didn’t have an ultrasound of their arteries,” says Maloney, who suffered his stroke at 54. The father of six had…

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Happy 45th Birthday, Internet!

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Happy 45th Birthday, Internet!

Happy birthday, Internet! You may be turning 45 today, but we swear you don’t look a day over 30. And not to embarrass you, but we thought we’d celebrate by sharing some of your baby photos. Or, more accurately, perhaps some of your sonograms.

How do we define the invention of the internet? It’s a question that scholars and armchair historians have debated for decades. Did it start with the birth of the web? Did it start with the adoption of TCP/IP? You could make a case for either. But one seminal moment in the creation of the internet cannot be denied: the first host-to-host connection of the ARPANET between UCLA and Stanford on October 29, 1969. At 10:30pm.

How do we know the exact time? We actually have a document of this historical event. Below, the IMP log which recorded that at 22:30 (10:30pm) the researchers…

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Digital skills and the role of universities in driving innovation clusters and economic growth

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The good thing about the many emerging innovation and tech clusters around the world today is that the internet has created awareness of what works and what doesn’t in the creation of regional and local ecosystems capable of nurturing successful high-growth tech companies from nothing. In the last few weeks, I’ve been in Cairo, Boston and London, and seen the same questions being debated, obviously to different levels. The fact is, wherever you sit in the world, you can learn from others successes and failings, identify your own ecosystems’ strengths and weaknesses, and then create local solutions to create a thriving environment for economic growth.

This is exactly what happened at the local gathering of the great and the good of London’s tech ecosystem this week, run by Tech London Advocates at the Bloomberg headquarters in the UK. Digital skills and employability of graduates were two of the key issues…

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The Magento eCommerce Solution for Startups with Fashion & Beauty Verticals we Don’t Want to Sell

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MEPLayersWe have worked at lower mid-market levels, however a group of companies developed an architecture that runs up to 950% efficiency – close to Amazon’s 1,400%. As part of being funded to use the architecture we were asked to support startups with a strategy to launch them – this is the HEIC solution based on Magneto and Amazon AWS we don’t want to sell.

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Notes for taking the Magento Certified Developer exam

The history of Chase

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JP Morgan Chase Bank was formed when JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan  Bank came together in 1955. Well one half of the bank Manhattan Company started in 1799. The company got its start providing water for NY. The founder of the bank Aaron Burr(the one who shot and killed Alexander Hamilition) had a clause written in the charter of the company that allowed it to use its extra cash for banking purposes. On a side note Burr’s main competitor for banking in New York was Alexander Hamilition Bank of New York.

JP Morgan bank began in 1854 when Junius S. Morgan and George Peabody & Co. started Peabody Morgan and Co. The company started off in government bonds and foreign exchange. The company later secured a contract with the bank of England, to underwrite war bonds for the UK, and France. Read more about the history of JP Morgan Chase Bank. Click the link.

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You have the potential to do anything,

Fly a plane, build a castle, start a revolution,

Save a life, raise a family, break a record.

But if you give away your power,

You give away your future,

Your life,

Your only leverage.

Your personal power is your property and no one else’s,

Until you commit a crime,

Until you lose yourself,

Until you relinquish your right to life.

Let your power burn like a fierce forest fire,

If you don’t, it will be just as destructive.

Your power, your potiential, should only be

A weapon of progress; best wielded by your own two hands.

2nd poem of “How to be mentally strong” series

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Ferrari Unveils the Sergio

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Its beautiful, its a Pininfarina design and you have to be invited to buy it. Ferrari announced that it will be building just 6 production versions of the Sergio and they have already sold all of them. Buyers in North America, Asia and Europe are clearly willing to pay the incredible markup price to own the exclusive vehicle. Ferrari has been known to produce custom orders in the past and they almost make their other models look like an average sports car. Just goes to show how crazy the world of the super rich is.

Sergio Doors2013 Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina

sergio rear

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