Solar Team Eindhoven Wins Crunchie, The Oscar Of Technology, In San Francisco

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'Stella'  - The solar-powered family car, as designed by the students of the University of Technology Eindhoven Photo Credit: Bart van Overbeeke ‘Stella’ – The solar-powered family car, as designed by the students of the University of Technology Eindhoven
Photo Credit: Bart van Overbeeke

Stella, the world’s first solar-powered family car, built by Solar Team Eindhoven, won the Crunchies award for ‘Best Technology Development’ at the 8th annual Crunchies (February 5th, 2015) in San Francisco. The team from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) left renowned names like Apple, SpaceX, Bitcoin and European Space Agency (ESA) behind it. The annual Crunchies awards are presented by TechCrunch and VentureBeat – two of the world’s premier technology websites. Stella was developed, designed and built by students from TU/e.

It was an exciting moment for the TU/e students. With this award the team underline their vision: building the family car of the future. “We’ve demonstrated a new vision for the car of the future, and thanks to this prize we’re gaining recognition for this achievement”…

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Defeat Does Not Exist

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I LOVE this quotation…

“What is defeat?  Nothing but education; Nothing but the first step to something better.”

What is Defeat

I’m one of those rosy-glasses types.  The-glass-without-water-is-still-a-glass-so-I’m blessed-I-have-one-at-all kind of girl.  I see the good and positive in EVERYTHING.  That doesn’t mean I don’t cry or whine or have my meltdowns…I definitely DO!  We are human, after all, flawed and fragile.  The great news, it’s not only OKAY, it is what makes OUR Lives SO special….and US, so brave.

We’ve all had painful experiences in Life – emotional, physical, spiritual, financial… We’ve all felt disappointment – maybe we didn’t get that promotion, or win that competition… Maybe a relationship didn’t turn out as we envisioned, or we fell on that double jump we never, EVER fall on!  “Seriously?!  How COULD I?!” I yelped. It HAPPENS!

And it’s OKAY.

With each experience, our Life grows richer…and, I argue, more…

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NATO invents Russian threats in the Baltic

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By Oliver Tickel  |  The Ecologist |  February 19, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin will “launch a campaign of undercover attacks to destabilise the Baltic states on Nato’s eastern flank”, the Telegraph reports today – along with all other mainstream news media.

How do we know this? Because the UK’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said so. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia watch out – the Russian peril is fast coming your way.

“There are lots of worries”, Fallon told the newspaper. “I’m worried about Putin. There’s no effective control of the border, I’m worried about his pressure on the Baltics, the way he is testing NATO, the submarines and aircraft … They are modernising their conventional forces, they are modernising their nuclear forces and they are testing NATO, so we need to respond.”

Covert attack by Russia on the Baltic states is “a very real and present danger”

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Europe: Greece agrees deal with eurozone

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After Europe underpressure to solve problems among Greece and Eurozone over Greek debt. Both sides has reached a deal over for extend the Greek financial rescue by four months. Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, head of the Eurogroup, said that Greece had repeated its commitment to honour all debt in a timely manner. Conclusion: Calmness in Athens and anger in Berlin.

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Cloud in your Business – Where to Start

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When presented with all the potential capabilities of the cloud, almost any IT professional can be overwhelmed, especially when all the potential risks are factored into its use. At times like these it is best to simply take a step back and not over-think your cloud strategy. The key is to start small, with something that the cloud is particularly good at and that a data center is not. There are a few obvious choices, cloud backup, and file sync and share for example. One that is overlooked is using the cloud as a file server replacement.

Hybrid First

Each of the above use cases are delivered better when a hybrid model is used. As we described in “What is Hybrid Cloud Backup” this often entails putting a physical appliance on-site and having that appliance replicate data to the cloud. This provides a low latency, high performance, local…

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Airbnb pays millions in back taxes to San Francisco

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The short-term housing rental service Airbnb has paid back taxes that ran into the millions of dollars to the city of San Francisco, the company said Wednesday.

The popular San Francisco-based company said in a statement that it has paid in full a back-tax bill. A spokesman wouldn’t say how much the company paid.

City Treasurer Jose Cisneros ruled in 2012 that Airbnb owed back taxes. He has declined to reveal how much money he collected so far from Airbnb, saying local law mandates confidentiality on all tax matters.

Officials had estimated that Airbnb owed the city as much as $25 million, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The back-tax issue had threatened to unravel legislation that the supervisors passed last year legalizing short-term home rentals in the city. The law mandated that Airbnb pay the city’s hotel tax going forward, but it didn’t address issue of…

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Raise Praise for Walmart ; Pinterest Tries to Double Up; Priceline’s Beamed Up Earnings

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You raise me up…

Image courtesy of nongpimmy/ Image courtesy of             nongpimmy/

It’s a good day to be a Walmart employee. No, seriously. It is. The gargantuan retailer just announced it’ll be raising the salaries of some 500,000 of its hardworking employees raising to about $1.75 more than the Federal minimum wage. Full-time employees will go from an average of $12.85 an hour to about $13 per hour. Part-timers will see their paychecks go up to $10 per hour from the average $9.50 they make now. The pay-raise fun begins in April and CEO Doug McMillon says it’s all part of a master plan to improve customer service, employee morale, etc. Those are all nice and pleasant things, of course, but no doubt Walmart is really hoping it will also lead to higher sales and profit. Walmart figures higher pay will help attract and retain employees that know the…

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Here Is What the Modern L.A. Investor Looks Like

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Disney Hall, Downtown Los Angeles Disney Hall, Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles has had its good share of startup success stories lately from Oculus to Snapchat and more to come.  In a short period of time from startup cemetery L.A. has become a vibrant hotbed for new and expanding tech companies.  Silicon Beach now extends from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara and South to Venice Beach, Playa del Rey and beyond.

Investors large and small, famous and unknown, are taking notice: GOOGLE just bought 12 acres in PLAYA VISTA, Richard Branson announced that he will move its Virgin Galactic rocket company to Long Beach closer to SpaceX; while Hollywood celebrities are passing on some of the more traditional real estate investments to become part of the local startup community as investors as well as gurus (i.e. ASHTON KUTCHER and JESSICA ALBA) founders or co-founders.

But, as in everything it does, when L.A. gets involved it…

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