Smartspot’s Tale: From A Farm In Egypt To Building A YC Computer Vision Startup For Fitness

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smartspot-moawiaMoawia Eldeeb grew up with his family on a village farm bordering the Nile, growing rice in the summers and vegetables in the winters. It was the way things had been for years, decades even.
But when Eldeeb?s brother was born with a rare genetic condition called ectodermal dysplasia, everything changed immediately. Because of the condition, Eldeeb?s infant brother couldn?t sweat. Read More

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Tesla investors do the electric slide

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You know a company’s stockis floating toward bubble territory when even its biggest shareholder implies that it’s overvalued. Last September, as shares of electric-car company Tesla Motors [fortune-stock symbol=”TSLA”] were peaking at $286, Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk told CNBC that “people sometimes get carried away with our stock … Our stock price is kind of high right now.” Since then the markets have made Musk both prophetic and considerably poorer: Tesla’s stock is down by about a third, hurt by delays in the launch of its Model X SUV and by the fast-falling price of oil, which has raised doubts about demand for electric vehicles.

Even after this steep slide, Tesla recently traded at a lofty 232 times expected 2015 earnings, making it 11 times as expensive as the average Nasdaq stock. Yet that stratospheric price looks, to some investing pros, like a screaming buy, and many have…

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Battery Banter 3: Gasoline’s Dastardly Energy Density

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In my last post, I talked about the challenge that low oil prices pose for the electric vehicle industry. The following chart from a 2012 McKinsey battery study shows the key tipping points (click for larger image):

McKinsey Battery Study jpeg

With US gasoline (petrol) prices currently running at $2.5 per gallon, we are falling into the bottom left corner of the chart. In short, the battery price for battery electric vehicles (BEVs in the chart) must plummet to keep EVs in the game. As stated yesterday, Nissan and Tesla are getting their battery costs down to around $300 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), but this is still far above the current sweet spot of $150-$200.

Previously, I also talked about the ‘learning rate': the rate at which battery prices could fall due to learning from experience manufacturing cost savings for every doubling of battery volume. The industry is in the ‘Catch 22′ position of…

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Self-driving cars are arriving, but are they legal?

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A recent New York Times article discussed an announcement by Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk that his company will introduce partially-autonomous cars by this summer. The company’s Model S sedan will receive a software update that will enable an “autopilot” mode, allowing the car to drive itself on major roads like freeways.


If all goes according to plan, self-driving vehicles will be available to American consumers in just a few months. And it isn’t just startups that are focusing on autonomous vehicles—Google and Mercedes Benz are seriously pursuing the endeavor, and there are rumors of Apple developing a “self-driver”. However, although we will soon “have the technology” law will not necessarily support its utilization. As Karl Brauer, an analyst for Kelley Blue Book, told the New York Times, “Best case scenario, it’s [legally] unclear. If you’re an individual that starts doing it, you’d better hope nothing goes wrong.” Mr. Brauer went on to tell…

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Discover the Startups selected for Ubi i/o 2015

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8 French startups have been selected for the 10-week accelerator program in the Silicon Valley launched by UBIFRANCE and BPI in 2014 to support high growth tech companies.

Starting April 27th,  the 8 participants will spend ten-weeks working on their business strategy and developing the start of their business in the US.

ubi i/i 2015 Participants

The selected startups include:

Adways offers a revolutionary online platform enabling anyone to make interactive videos. Enrich your Educational, Advertising, Media and Corporate videos with clickable contents to boost audience engagement and monetization by providing the right information at the right time within your videos. 
Follow them @ Adways_SAS
Evercontact is the flagship product of Kwaga , an up-and-coming French startup launched in 2009.
Evercontact is the cloud solution that saves you time by automatically creating & continually updating your address book for Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more.
Follow them @ Evercontact

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Startups You Should Know: Walker & Co. Brands

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Source: Walker and Co. Brands

Over the past decade, working for a startup has gone from a go-big-or-go-home rebel career choice to a coveted, well-respected dream job.

Thanks to box office hits like The Social Network and popular shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship is sexier and more exciting than ever.

While joining a successful startup at the right time can bring fame, notoriety, and wealth, people often forget the bigger picture. From changing the economic landscape to creating elegant solutions to complicated problems, startups are shaping our culture and in an effort not to sound cliché – changing the world.

At an Art of Perspective, our goal is to highlight the most compelling culturing trends, movements, and perspectives that shape our world. Through our new series, “Startups You Should Know,” we aim to introduce you to startups that are truly having an impact on everything from healthcare to fashion.

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