Power BI–Let’s Take it MOBILE!–Part 3 #analytics #bigdata #mobilebi

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Well, after spending some considerable amount of time with Power BI, I finally figured how to make it purr for me. Something’s like creating dashboards from reports is not spelled out that easily. Or, maybe because I didn’t want to read or watch a bunch of videos. I just want to get my data onto my mobile device.


Right now, you can only use Power BI on an iOS device like the iPad or iPhone which just happens to NOT be my default phone. I have Android which I have been told that it will show up sometime in the near future.


I got my Metrics dashboard to show up on the device. BUT, why don’t I have the cool preview of the dashboard? Must be beta I guess, but the preview would go a long way in helping me know which dashboard to click on. It does show…

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Unconventional Energy – Does it need unconventional technological approach?

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In recent years we have seen that oil and gas industry has been able to develop methods to extract unconventional energy sources like shale and oil sands. While Shale is major story in US, Oil sands is major resource for Canada. Large deposits and extraction possibilities have made us to run into the oil. Current situation of crude shock is also due to the increasing production from unconventionals but these have higher running costs as compared to Saudi’s old oil deposits. Both these unconventional resources got negative publicity due to environmental concerns.

candian-oil-sands-ngc 615

If we look at Canadian oil sands, there is concern on large-scale surface destruction due to large mining activities, higher GHG emissions by the gasoline produced and water contamination by heavy metals. Due to the cold environmental conditions in Alberta, the emission does not escape the environment and comes back with snow fall and gets into rivers when…

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Briefing Note: Adeptia Connects Businesses and Resolves Shadow IT

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Businesses face a common challenge in how to securely and seamlessly exchange data with other organizations they work with. The secure IT solution is to set up an FTP connection, but this takes time and isn’t exactly integrated into the non-IT workflow. Impatient users will often take the ‘Shadow IT’ route and share a Dropbox, Google Drive or some other consumer cloud service folder with those partners. Adeptia Connect provides a more seamless solution that adheres to IT security requirements.

Another Shadow IT Problem

Shadow IT is the use of IT services by non-IT users outside of the watchful eye of the data center, a common example being the sharing of data with suppliers, customers and business partners. The problem is that Shadow IT for collaboration leads to either a “share everything with everyone” strategy or creating a shared folder for each specific relationship.

The shared everything option not only…

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“Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire” by Rachel Stapleton

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Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire (Temple of Indra Book 2)Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire by Rachael Stapleton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sophia Marcil has a secret and it’s a big one. In Rachel Stapleton’s “Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire” Sophia time travels, faces death, and finds love. That’s a lot for one book but it is excitingly handled by Stapleton. While this book is Part Two of a series the author wisely offers enough information and detail to bring readers up to speed so the book can stand alone. Besides time travel there is a great deal of international travel in this book as well and I sometimes had a little trouble keeping up with the where and why of the main characters location. Based primarily in Ireland where Sophia becomes engaged to Cullen O’Kelley the story begins with his proposal to the librarian. As he places a rare ring with the missing Purple Delhi…

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Bloomberg TV To Stream Free On Pluto TV Online-Video Platform

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Bloomberg TV will begin streaming online this month on Pluto TV under a new partnership, making Pluto the first “over-the-top” online-video provider to offer the business news cable channel for free. – David Bloom, Deadline Hollywood

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Our generation did not invent political correctness, but we can fight it

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Political correctness is not a new phenomenon. The fact is that many dangerous questions are currently walled off by the baby boomers who dominate our universities (and large sectors of the media). Today’s culture war likes to scapegoat young people for the rise of the illiberal Left, but the responsibility really lies with the generation who came before us.

Each one of us has the ability to generate a hypothesis. A hypothesis simply comes from asking a question about the world and then using our imaginations to answer it. Almost every advance in human history first came from a person willing to look at the world, or the status quo, from a different angle. But if questions and hypotheses are going to have any impact they must be articulated. Questions have to come out of our minds and into the world around us.

The problem with P.C. is that it…

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Social Start-Ups Can Shake The World

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People and the power to make positivechanges are the biggest assets (capital) of socially conscious businesses.

Although there are going to be inevitable challenges that social start-ups will face and financial capital that traditional profit-driven corporations have easier access to, social business have powerful advantages that are unattainable by traditional businesses. 

In a capitalistic society, profit-driven companies are more likely to raise capital, access resources (with its capital), offer incentives to attract customers/investors/partners.

However, the new generation of social start-ups are lean, genuine, have power to start a movement, and can connect with people.  These are valuable assets that traditional corporations do not have.  Social start-ups should leverage these elements to create meaningful movements that transcend the monetary game.

Although social start-ups don’t have as much assets and power (monetary) as corporations do, we believe that these small giants can still make some noise our socially conscious community today!

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.


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Tech Entrepreneurship to boost employment?

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Ghislain Gbagba

The Future Is Digital.

The European Commission has launched a series of initiatives called Europe 2020 to stimulate economic growth and boost employment by helping tech entrepreneurs in Europe develop their innovative technological ideas and create web applications. The initiatives with 5 strategic objectives to be reached by 2020 and the aim is to help more small companies and startups enter the market with innovative products and services related to new technologies and the Internet to create digital jobs across the EU.

The goal of this campaign is to create all types of opportunities within the European technology innovation sector and to facilitate better access to EU networks, financial resources and information for web entrepreneurs.

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