Apple simply lost $62 billion in quality in 8 minutes by Matt Phillips

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Apple’s offer value fell pointedly after its profit hit this evening. Shares dropped to a secondary selling low of $119.96 from an end cost of $130.75. A decay of that request, 8.3%, isn’t inconceivable in twilight exchanging. Yet, given that Apple is the world’s biggest traded on an open market organization by business sector valuation, that likens to a gobsmacking $62 billion in worth. (For correlation’s purpose that is more than the business sector estimation of advantage administration goliath BlackRock or customer items organization Colgate-Palmolive.)

Be that as it may, don’t feel sorry for Apple, pity yourselves. Since Apple has the biggest weighting of any organization in the S&P 500 securities exchange list, practically everybody with a list store has an overweighted position in the Cupertino tech monster. Today we are all Apple. Also, it harms.

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Accessories inspired by samurai armor blend traditional Yamanashi designs and crafts

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Yamanashi Prefecture is perhaps most famous for its beautiful scenery – which of course includes Mt. Fuji – but the prefecture is also home to a number of traditional crafts. One technique in particular, called “koshu-inden,” has been widely praised. Pioneered by a company established in the 16th century, this leather-working art was once used to decorate samurai armor and is considered by some as emblematic of samurai bravery.

Now, you too can wear accessories bearing this symbolic design and crafted by that legendary company thanks to a collaboration that has produced a number of beautiful bracelets. Check out some of the items below.

yoroi1Established in 1582, Inden-ya was the first to develop as secret technique using lacquer with deerskin to create a special leather with a strong luster. Using the nami uroko design, the triangles composed of dots like fish scales above, Inden-ya’s creations were often used to decorate samurai…

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Wildflower Wednesday

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southern-beeblossum Southern Beeblossum – Orlando Wetlands Park – July 2015

leavenworth's-tickseed Leavenworth’s Tickseed – Orlando Wetlands Park – July 2015

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.” – Dr Seuss

Wisdom from Dr. Seuss.

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Greece Returning To Drachma Matter Of Political Will.

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by Jerry Alatalo

“My plainness of speech makes them hate me, and what is their hatred but a proof that I am speaking the truth?”

– SOCRATES (470-399 B.C.) Greek stonemason, general, philosopher

earthblog2While Syriza told Greek voters in the months before the January 25, 2015 election that they were for “radical change within Greece and throughout the Eurozone”, after it’s surprising victory it failed to listen to Syriza members such as Costas Lapavitsas advising preparations for leaving the Eurozone. A Professor of Economics in Britain, Mr. Lapavitsas believes the radical change Syriza promised Greek voters is impossible without taking the necessary steps to leave the euro and establish a sovereign Greek monetary/financial system.

Mr. Lapavitsas was a boy in 1974 when he stood in Athens with over 100,000 fellow Greeks who’d overthrown the military dictatorship. At 17-years old he had made up his mind to study economics in either…

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Greece Pulls Off Big Scam

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Con men are alive and well in Greece.

Very successful too.

Germany, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund were convinced to willingly give Greece billions of dollars.

Yes, GIVE.

When you give someone anything something and they do not give it back; it is either  a gift or theft.

Since the dynamic trio seem happy, it must be a gift.

Once again proof: “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

A so-called loan to a broke government is the act of fools.

Stupidity never goes away.

“You cannot fix stupidity.”

The smart, honorable action for the lenders would have been to tell Greece to pay up or else.

Else being all out war.

No greek left alive if we do not get our money.

Greece/Greeks should

—  live on bread and water until the debt is repaid in full with a high risk interest rate

—  Greeks…

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(Greek Translation) Greece – What You Are Not Being Told By The Media

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Ελλάδα – Τι είναι αυτό που δεν θα σας πουν τα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης!

Όλα τα ΜΜΕ μεταδίδουν τα εξής για την οικονομική κρίση στην Ελλάδα: η κυβέρνηση ξόδεψε πολλά χρήματα και χρεοκόπησε? οι γενναιόδωρες τράπεζες τους έδωσαν τα χρήματα, αλλά η Ελλάδα εξακολουθεί να μην μπορεί να πληρώσει τους λογαριασμούς, επειδή έκαναν κακή διαχείριση των χρημάτων που δόθηκαν. Ακούγεται λογικό, σωστά;

Δεχτείτε το, είναι ένα τεράστιο ψέμα … όχι μόνο για την Ελλάδα, αλλά και για τις άλλες ευρωπαϊκές χώρες, όπως η Ισπανία, η Πορτογαλία, η Ιταλία και η Ιρλανδία, οι οποίες βιώνουν διάφορους βαθμούς της λιτότητας.Επίσης τεράστιο ψέμα ήταν κι εκείνο που χρησιμοποιήθηκε από τις τράπεζες και τις επιχειρήσεις για να αξιοποιήσουν πολλές χώρες της Λατινικής Αμερικής, της Ασίας και της Αφρικής εδώ και πολλές δεκαετίες.

Η Ελλάδα δεν απέτυχε από μόνη της. Αυτό έγινε για να αποτύχει.

Εν ολίγοις…

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Fragments against the ruin

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1. Syriza are an anti-austerity party, and they have an excellent record when it comes to opposing austerity. They opposed the measures put forward by Greece’s creditors in February. They opposed the plan of agreement drawn up in June, and put it to a referendum. They opposed the harsh and punitive measures suggested by Germany over the weekend. Wherever the threat of austerity emerges in Greece, Syriza are on hand to heroically oppose it. They’ll oppose the sunset, they’ll oppose the locusts as they come in their chattering thousands to strip green islands to naked rock, and when they wheeze their dying breaths, cold and emaciated on soggy mattresses, they’ll oppose that too. Despite their pleas for an alternative, they’ve never approached austerity as anything other than a deterministic inevitability. It might be time to question how much value there actually is in ‘anti-austerity’ politics: it’s a formation in which…

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The Murder of Greece

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Upon reflection on the new and brutal cruelties just imposed on the Greek nation and people by European “leaders,” Lyndon LaRouche declared last evening,

“This is a genocide, which is being steered from Britain, and it is the death knell of the European Union.””The EU will disintegrate, it is the British Empire which has done this. They operated through the German Finance Minister, Schäuble, who represents the extreme right-wing influence on German Chancellor Merkel. But Germany cannot get by with this. Therefore, it, too, now will go into a crisis.

“And more than that, this British-driven breakdown crisis of the European Union, also represents a serious and immediate danger of war with Russia, and one of fascism.”

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