Truth Has No Path Quote

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” Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing. Awareness is without choice, without demand, without anxiety; in that state of mind, there is perception. To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person. Awareness has no frontier; it is giving of your whole being, without exclusion. ”

– Bruce Lee

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Steve McQueen And Bruce Lee’s Strange Friendship

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Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

One of the most intriguing Hollywood friendships from back in the day was that of alpha male actor Steve McQueen and martial arts film star Bruce Lee.

At one point McQueen even tried to buy Lee a house.

Sarah explained the basics of their relationship in a story for Fightland.

To read it go here.

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Abandon Your Limitations

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Imagine one was to play a game for a very long time with several self imposed handicaps. The player would be forced to adapt for survivals sake methods of success which defied the average means of accomplishing his goals.

After many years pursuing this manner of gameplay, the player would be forced to become more skilled and inventive in his methods than would be strictly necessary, meaning eventually were the player to abandon his collection of self imposed handicaps, that player would thereby find himself far more proficient at said game than had he never imposed any restrictions in the first place.

This metaphor of the game applies well to the slow process of the reconciliation of nature that we call everyday life. Habits we force ourselves to adapt to that make life more difficult in certain senses can be eliminated in order to create space to excel and bring…

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Korea’s Yello Mobile Buys Influencer Marketing Firm Gushcloud

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Yello Mobile, the Korean company that gobbled up 61 companies last year and recently raised $100 million, is always hungry for acquisitions, and it’s back at the table again after picking up Gushcloud, a Singapore-based influencer marketing platform that operates across Southeast Asia.

Both parties declined to reveal a valuation for the deal, but they did tell TechCrunch that it is “multi-million dollars” and for a majority share of the company.

In simple terms, Gushcloud is a service that allows companies and brands to tap into influencers on the internet; including bloggers, YouTubers, vloggers, influential Twitter folk etc. It was the center of controversy last year when Singapore’s most prominent blogger Xiaxue accused it of a range of disingenuous activities, including inflated numbers, buying fake followers and making its bloggers mask ads as genuine posts.

Yello, which is valued at $1 billion based on that recent funding round, is a curious company and certainly…

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CrowdJustice Wants To Bring Crowdfunding To Public Interest Litigation

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With the newly-elected U.K. government plotting to tear up the Human Rights Act, and legal aid budgets already slashed, a new way for communities to fund legal action couldn’t have come at a better time.

CrowdJustice, a London-based startup founded by ex-United Nations lawyer Julia Salasky, is a crowdfunding platform for “public interest” litigation. The idea is to bring the Kickstarter model to legal cases that would otherwise find it hard to get funded, in a bid to widen access to justice.

Julia S“CrowdJustice allows communities to band together to access the courts to protect their communal assets – like their local hospital – or shared values – like human rights. Successive governments have made access to justice harder and more expensive but we are using the power of the crowd to try and stem the tide,” explains Salasky.

“Under the coalition government, and we can be sure…

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Dogs became our best friends thousands of years earlier than we thought

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The internet may love cats, but our best friends are dogs. And new research shows that that friendship may have begun thousands of years earlier than we thought.

Modern wolves and dogs have a common ancestor in a prehistoric wolf. Previously it was thought the modern versions split on the evolutionary tree about 16,000 years ago. But a new study published in Current Biology uses the genome of a 35,000-year-old wolf to estimate that the dog-wolf split could have happened as far back as 40,000 years.

The researchers found the ancient wolf remains on a six-week expedition in Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula. To locate it, they had to go up and down the river to find spots where melting of permafrost exposed the remains of long-dead animals, such as woolly mammoths.

Their calculation is based on comparing the DNA of the ancient wolf with the DNA of modern wolves and dogs. The researchers used an assumed mutation rate to…

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