A worrying Google search by my 6 year old. Advice please!

Alfie's Attic

A couple of months back I had a disconcerting moment after finding this on my mobile phone Google search app.
Alfies google search

I heard you gasp!

Ignore Cheltenham, that was me looking for a hotel, not where you’re likely to find naked ladies and privets!

As I’m sure some of you can imagine, the next next few hours of my day were spent soul searching. Was I a bad Mother? Why is my 6 year old searching these things? How could he possibly be interested in girls yet? What did I miss?…….Why can’t he spell picture correctly? (Joke).

After ringing my Mum and requesting advice from several friends (Useless though they were when in fits of hysterics) I decided to prepare myself for a ‘chat’. The initial ‘What have you been searching for on my phone lately’ question was met with a bashful gasp and a cushion to the face. He instantly knew…

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