The Rise of #Hashtags (No Longer the Pound Button Online)

The Bite Me Chronicles

The # is the most abused symbol used on the internet. Users either don’t know what that symbol is (it’s pound, right? Like on the phone?) OR users use it constantly, driving their followers and friends absolutely mad!

Recently, some girlfriends and I were laughing about how people on Facebook have been using hashtags despite it being a concept made specifically for Twitter. Not even 24 hours later, what we had been making fun of had now become reality — Facebook uses hashtags.

Now, I have nothing against the correct usage of hashtags. I use them on Twitter, selectively of course, when I’m talking a specific subject that others who have interest in that subject might find interesting. I also use them on Instagram because that’s a great way to find other photos of that similar nature. Well, that is, if people use them correctly.

Despite the Internet being around…

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