Targeting Your Market

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Your target market is the group of people you’re trying to sell your product to.

Of course, affiliate products count in this too. You have to convince your
visitors to click on your affiliate links so they go and buy!

You have to be very specific when you define your target market, in order to
make your copywriting most effective. You can’t just say “women, moms or pet
owners” or whatever else it could be, because that is still vague.

 What women?
 Which moms?
 Which pet owners?

When defining your target market, there are many things to consider. We’ve
made a small list below, but it only touches the surface. For each target
market, there are so many different factors that can make up your specific
target market:

 Age
 Income
 Interests
 If it’s a woman, her marital status may come into play

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