Daddy DM

bear chase So I have two major NPCs trying to flee from the group next session. The party has no real way to catch up to them – everyone has the same movement speed – so normally I would just use DM fiat to say that they escaped (or did not escape). However, I was aware that Paizo published some chase rules , so I thought I would give those a test-run.

However, I was underwhelmed by Paizo’s effort, which reminded me of an opposed 4e D&D skill challenge. And I say that as someone who would rather be playing 4e D&D instead of Pathfinder. There’s no real tactics involved – at each obstacle, you pick the one you have the best chance of overcoming, or try for both if your bonuses are good enough (which doesn’t even make sense within the game world – how do you tackle two concurrent obstacles?). And…

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