Here are five types of emotional vampires you’re likely to encounter, and some “silverbullet” tips for fending them off.

Vampire 1: The Narcissist. 

This vampire is grandiose, self-important, attention hogging, and hungry for admiration. Often charming and intelligent–until their guru status is threatened.

Self-defense tips: Enjoy their good qualities, but keep your expectations realistic. Because the motto is “me-first,” getting angry or stating your needs won’t phase them. To get their cooperation, show how your request satisfies their self-interest.

Vampire 2: The Victim. 

This vampire thinks the world is against him, and demands that others rescue him.

Self-defense tips: Don’t be his therapist.. Limit your interactions, and don’t get involved in his self-pity.

Vampire 3: The Controller

This vampire has an opinion about everything, thinks he knows what’s best for you, has a rigid sense of right and wrong, and needs to dominate.

Self-defense tips: Speak up…

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