“Psychic Aparatus”

three in one, one in three
truly a fragile thing they can be
parts can be quite large
yet once deflated, leave you aching
it’s hard to imagine
making it through this world
without it
the fuel that drives us, with sails unfurled
pushing us on, seeking results
belief in oneself
withstanding insults
one part keeps the others in check
sometimes this safety measure fails
ending up on distant shores a wreck
for some, it’s an innate property
akin to being ambulatory and walking
for others, a constant struggle on waters rather choppy
it’s really quite simple
at the end of the day, those that have the proper balance of the three, do
while those that don’t, fail
morning, afternoon and night, under a rain clouds constant drizzle
reminding us all, it’s an internal struggle, for what is personally right

© Feb 20th 2014. Timothy Kinkade

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