Who is Dhillon?

47 ronin

Ahh, we welcome Keanu Reeves back for another outing in an Asian/Hollywood outing since Man of Tai Chi, and nothing much has changed. Reeves, once the go to action star of Speed and The Matrix, is trying to keep his credentials alive.

In this action romp he spends a lot more of his time on screen, being the half-breed orphan who is found by a clan leader and brought up as an outcast. After his master is shamed and killed after a shady tournament fix akin to Liston VS Ali, his clan is disbanded and banished.

Eventually Keanu and his band of jolly samurai must come together to avenge their master’s death and kill the evil witch and her master, and save the damsel in distress. If Disney rinse and repeat similar storylines for children, you would expect this to be a more decent effort, even if it was Carl…

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