The Criterion Collection Guide


Spine #2
207 minutes
Black and White

Overall Rating: 10/10
A must have in every collection, a good starting point for new collectors.

The Film: 10/10
This film is the three hour samurai epic from acclaimed and iconic director Akira Kurosawa, and was the inspiration for the American western “The Magnificent Seven (1960). This was also one of the films that began my interest in The Criterion Collection. I had been a big fan of The Magnificent Seven for a long time and wanted to see if Seven Samurai was really as great as I had heard. IT IS. It isn’t my favourite Kurosawa film, but it is a masterpiece.

The Supplements: 10/10
The film is loaded with great special features (like most Kurosawa releases are). I recommend watching the fifty minute documentary on the making of Seven Samurai “It is Wonderful to Create”, and “My Life in Cinema”…

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