The Vitriolic Mummy


So I finally got my blue Galaxy S5 last Thursday. Can I just say, wow. Having owned the HTC ONE S previously my mind is well and truly blown.

Let me say right of the bat that I am firmly in the Android camp… I will come back to this layer.

For the nay sayers who have labelled the S5 cheap and plasticy you cannot be more wrong. I actually prefer the soft back cover to that of the slick metal HTC ONE M8. Mostly because I’m a clutz,  anything that slick I’m highly likely to drop. But really the material makes it light. Although it’s a beast of a phone it’s actually much lighter than my old HTC.

I won’t get too bogged down in techy stuff, but the camera is superb. Having given it a good test run over the long weekend (on a pub crawl no less)…

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