While the firing of non-cloud employees raises legal red flags at IBM, what is the future in high tech for the older workforce? by Jon Hansen

Procurement Insights

“If you’re part of a crew, nobody ever tells you that they’re going to kill you. It doesn’t happen that way. There weren’t any arguments or curses like in the movies. So your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends, the people who have cared for you all of your life, and they always seem to come at a time when you’re at your weakest and most in need of their help” – Henry Hill, Goodfellas

As I read today’s article in Bloomberg Old and Fired at IBM: Tech Trendsetter Changes the Game, Guards Age Data, I was immediately reminded of a scene from Goodfellas and the resignation in Henry Hill’s voice regarding how one’s career in the Mafia usually ends. Even though getting whacked as they say in the movies is an expected part of the job, it is obviously not something that anyone believes will…

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