Investing Beat

ImageThe Good news: The economy is inching its way back into the black. The unemployment rate is dropping (however slowly). Signs of economic growth are promising.

The Bad news: The sky could fall tomorrow, and the stock market could fall with it. But what if it did? Could your portfolio survive?

If you are armed with knowledge, investment risk isn’t so much of a risk. That’s why I put so much time and effort into research before I invest a single penny. Below are some of the tools that I highly recommend for investors at any level.

1) Earnings Calendar

Whether you currently own stocks, or simply want to create a “watch list” for analyzing your future investments, an earnings calendar can be an invaluable tool. My go-to calendar is from Nasdaq. (Go directly to the source, right?) You can search by company name, date of earnings report, or even backtrack, to see what…

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