Nuz Nasir

Nairobi Media Centre

Media is a crucial social space, in many respects; and increasingly so in recent years with the emergence of the internet.

In the modern era Africa is stereotypically given a negative perspective within the international media. When we go through photographs on the Internet of Africa, we often come across a stereotypical picture of a child smiling and the wildlife, and more often we see grotesque images of violence and famine. But is Africa just purely about that? What about the infrastructure, the growth, the economy?

“No matter how good that foreign correspondent maybe, if they are not based on the continent and have not spent a long time within that country then their stories will always be very superficial.”

Some may argue that the facts of reality – in terms of the choices made by African leaders – resulting in a global media obsessed with ‘bad news’ from Africa. But perhaps…

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