Joe P. Cunningham

According to Miyamoto Musashi, a skilled 19th-century swordsman and strategist, the study and mastery of carpentry is much like the study and mastery of strategy. In this case, the carpenter is the equivalent of a modern day home contractor, however, for the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll stick with Musashi’s terms.

The carpenter, for example, as a foreman knows the entire blueprint of the home he is in charge of building. Every detail must be learned in order to make sure the house comes together as it is supposed to. He must know the individual parts of the home that, when brought together, will make it a complete building. He also must know those working under him, what their jobs should be and who would be most effective at which assignment.

Likewise, the strategist knows the goal of the campaign he is in charge of winning. As such, he…

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