“Here is what I call “renewing yourself”. If at the time of a combat, you feel yourself entangled with your opponent and the fight is stagnating, you throw off your preceding sensations and renew your thoughts as though you were doing everything for the first time. In this way you employ a new cadence to achieve victory.

As soon as you feel a grating indecisiveness in your contact with your opponent, immediately renew your mind so you can make use of a completely different opening in order to win. In group strategy as well, it is important to know how to renew yourself. This is something you will find immediately through the wisdom of strategy. You should examine it well”  

Musashi, Miyamoto. “The Complete Book Of Five Rings” Shambhala Publications, Inc. 2010, Translated by Kenji Tokitsu

The Complete Book Of Five Ringsis part of my daily…

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