Zen's Sekai I - Japan

I doubt if the average person who even knows about Kyudo has any idea how difficult it is. Like Tai Chi, it looks easy enough, but only because someone put in a lot of time making the movement look easy, natural. I have been doing this for some 5 yrs now and I am just now understanding, the complexity of the details. There is a saying in Tai Chi Chuan that it takes 10 yrs to understand the basics. When I first heard that I thought whatttt, no way. After 10 yrs, and time with a good teacher, I understood. I am understanding now why it is said until you reach Yon-dan you are still a beginner. Or something like that.
It is not just about hitting, it is about looking good while you are doing it. It is not just about looking good and hitting, but looking good…

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