Timing is everything.  We’ve all heard this at one point or another in our lives.  From the great samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, to the brilliant musician, Mozart, they’ve all talked about timing as an imperative aspect to what they do.  Everything in life is subject to timing.  Timing is what allows the perfect job opportunity to present itself, or the perfect lover to finally come into our lives. Perfection of timing is that feeling when all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit snugly and effortlessly into place.


We all learn timing in different aspects of our lives, but once learned, it can be applied to every aspect of it.  That is, only if we see past the illusion of the separation.  Music, dance, fighting, career choices… it doesn’t really matter.  Like gravity, timing applies to everything.

For me, timing was learned in the ring.  Timing is the…

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