Ahhh… this Pesek again.


Mr William Pesek is a Bloomberg View columnist based in Tokyo. He, as mentioned in his writing, unabashedly confessed to be one of the Anwar Ibrahim’s admirers.

That explained why he keeps questioning about the Opposition leader’s case in his articles without fail.

His assertion in his article ‘Is Malaysia Asia’s Weakest Link’ that “Malaysia is the riskiest country in Asia more so than India, Indonesia and Thailand” is worth studying. Is it true or is it fantasy?

In his article he wrote that Putrajaya’s one-party policy and its 40-year-old pro-Malay affirmative action programme will chip away the country’s competitiveness.

Never mind if Malaysia has been chalking up in global competitiveness rankings in the past few years. In IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014, Malaysia is the 12th most competitive country in the world. ATC Kearney’s Washington DC ranked us at 15th in FDI Confidence Index.

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