Test driving Push notification in Bluemix

Giga thoughts …

This post is a continuation of my earlier post β€˜Getting started with mobile cloud in Bluemixβ€˜. Here I take a test drive of the push service that Bluemix offers based on the article β€œExtend an Android app using the Push cloud service” from developerWorks.

This post assumes that you have already completed the changes from my earlier post for the mobile cloud. If you haven’t, Β you could clone the code from β€œmobile data” which is the official IBM version of this app and includes all the changes needed for persisting data in the cloud through their Android.

The Mobile Cloud App I created on Bluemix is β€œmobtvgβ€œ. The main steps to have Push notification service using Bluemix are

  1. GCM services : Get Google API Project numberΒ  & GCM API Key
  2. Include the Google Play services library project
  3. Add the jar files…

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