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You know, in my positive moments, like when the shyest, sweetest, cutest, and stubbornnest person I’ve ever met (namely my daughter–we’ll call her “9”, after her age, because that’s what successful bloggers seem to do) is here, and brings sunshine and “accomplished fart-sound-making-with-lips-and-tongue” to my little mobile mansion (I’m more of an “accompished-fart-sound-maker-with-cheeks-and-air” type of person, but I realize she won’t always follow in my footsteps; I just thank my lucky stars that she follows them sometimes–literally follows in my footsteps, at the swimming pool), I then think of nice things like the fact that if I wrote more I’d be engaging in a hobby that I like, and the demons (mental, that is–I’m no Stephen King) would be kept more at bay.  And maybe someday I’d be successful and maybe someday people would go apeshit over 122-word run-on beginning sentences like the first one in this paragraph, and I’d…

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