Boycott Holland

Now that Europe is threatened by Russian invasion, Chinese take-over and head-chopping terrorism, wise people make a do-list for one’s own funeral. I hope to live for another thirty weblogging years but if this hope is cut short then the survivors should know what music to play and what wine to toast with.

The wine was easy: Brunello di Montalcino. The music was difficult though, and it took a couple of bottles of BdMs to decide from Mozart’s Requiem or The Band’s The Last Waltz or Mahler’s Ninth by Bernard Haitink or perhaps something appropriate by Bob Dylan. It is amazing how tantalising it can be, this care that you want to provide your survivors with: some of who might not like classical music or some who might walk out when hearing Dylan.

My funeral choice is Spente Le Stelle (Dull are the stars), sang by Emma Shapplin and…

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