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The best part of waking up is folgers in your cup!! Or is it? According to a research study detailed in an article in Forbes, the best time to drink coffee is not in the morning. It explains the science behind cortisol and coffee consumption. Cortisol, a stress related hormone, can increase if caffeine is consumed during peak cortisol hours. Peak cortisol hours for most people are between 8 and 9, 12 and 1, 530 and 630. Keep in mind the intake of coffee later in the day will interrupt good sleeping patterns.

Coffee consumption can also have long term benefits such as decreased occurrence of diabetes, Parkinson’s, colon cancer, and gallstones. If fitness is your thing, and I hope it is; drinking coffee has been shown to affect glucose metabolism. It can also improve your fat burning capacity and exercise endurance. Coffee consumption also has it’s risks. I encourage…

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