Sean Maloney was first in line to be the next CEO of Intel when he had a massive stroke in 2010. He made an extraordinary recovery, learning to speak out of the other side of his brain. Maloney returned to Intel[fortune-stock symbol=”INTL”] and led the company’s business in China, its largest market, but he got passed over for CEO and retired.

He has hardly slowed down since. The American Heart Association announced yesterday — World Stroke Day — that Maloney, who chairs its Silicon Valley chapter, will ride his bike from San Francisco to New York City to raise money and awareness about stroke and heart-attack prevention. “Heart attacks are the No. 1 killer in the world, and strokes are almost as common. Too many people die because they didn’t have an ultrasound of their arteries,” says Maloney, who suffered his stroke at 54. The father of six had…

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