Meet Engadget's new buyer's guide picks: iPad Air 2, Galaxy Note 4 and more!

New iPads. A new Galaxy Note. New Google? everything. Chalk it up to the holiday shopping season, but we?ve been mighty busy reviewing new gadgets lately. Which means, it?s high time we update our buyer?s guides. This time around, we?re replacing the iPad Air with, you guessed it, the second-gen edition. Interestingly, though, we?ve declined to add the iPad mini 3 ? we still think that for most people the cheaper iPad mini 2 is the smarter buy. Oh, and we got rid of a couple tablets too: Since the Nexus 7 and the 2013 Kindle Fire HD have both been discontinued, it doesn?t make sense to keep recommending them.

As for smartphones, say hello to the Galaxy Note 4, the best big-screen handset you can buy. In addition we?re adding Sony?s Xperia Z3 flagship and the Moto G in the budget category…

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