Zen Broom


One. The ground is not your enemy. Do not pound the ground. Move on supple springs. Touch the ground with a sense of continued appreciation.

Two. Breathe, relax, smile. Breathe, relax, smile. If you forget everything else, linger here and you will still be well ahead. Breathe, relax, smile.

Three. Lead with your hips. (Surge your pelvis forward). Sink into your legs so that they become springs. Don’t forget to smile! Surge, Sink, Smile.

Four. Relax all your joints. Run supple and light, like a ghost in the twilight region of reality. (In both worlds while remaining in your own).

Five. The ball of the foot touches first, then the heel and toes gently kiss the ground. Forefoot then whole foot. Forefoot then whole foot. Let it come off the ground the instant it touches completely, like running on a hot tin roof.

Six. Your legs should be bent more…

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