I LOVE this quotation…

“What is defeat?  Nothing but education; Nothing but the first step to something better.”

What is Defeat

I’m one of those rosy-glasses types.  The-glass-without-water-is-still-a-glass-so-I’m blessed-I-have-one-at-all kind of girl.  I see the good and positive in EVERYTHING.  That doesn’t mean I don’t cry or whine or have my meltdowns…I definitely DO!  We are human, after all, flawed and fragile.  The great news, it’s not only OKAY, it is what makes OUR Lives SO special….and US, so brave.

We’ve all had painful experiences in Life – emotional, physical, spiritual, financial… We’ve all felt disappointment – maybe we didn’t get that promotion, or win that competition… Maybe a relationship didn’t turn out as we envisioned, or we fell on that double jump we never, EVER fall on!  “Seriously?!  How COULD I?!” I yelped. It HAPPENS!

And it’s OKAY.

With each experience, our Life grows richer…and, I argue, more…

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