Entrepreneur Tune

Silicon ValleyAround the world, every day some people or startups try to imitate what is supposedly happening in the entrepreneur&technologic ecosystem of Silicon Valley. People starting tech companies idealize what is happening in the valley and think that the only reality is the one happening there.

Let’s go with some myths coming from entrepreneur’s experiences:

1. Technology allows you to set up a company from one day to another:
Technology is now cheaper and more available than ever, but launching a product is just the beginning. You can quickly create a product, but you will need at least 18 months to adapt it to the market; finding a problem that is worth fighting; teaching users; building the attractiveness needed; develop an feasable strategy; building up a team and obtaining investment. It takes time.
Pinterest, Twitter, PayPal, Instagram, etc, they took more than 17 months of development to be the products they…

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