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By Zack Dovitz

Self-driving cars have long been featured in science fiction. From the ever recognizable KITT in Knight Rider to John Anderton’s police cruiser in Minority Report and the Batmobile, self-driving cars have been a dream of the future. As the technology behind this dream has developed significantly over recent years, the future is now closer than we think.

Current Prototypes in Development

A recent New York Times article discussed an announcement by Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk that his company will introduce partially-autonomous cars by this summer. The company’s Model S sedan will receive a software update that will enable an “autopilot” mode, allowing the car to drive itself on major roads like freeways.

If all goes according to plan, self-driving vehicles will be available to American consumers in just a few months. And it isn’t just startups that are focusing on autonomous vehicles—Google and Mercedes Benz are seriously pursuing the endeavor, and there are…

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