Neal Lynch

One of my favorite comedians of this generation, TJ Miller, plays Erlich on HBO’s Silicon Valley, which is a really funny show for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. My appreciation for TJ dates back to 2008’s “Cloverfield” when he played the wise-cracking (horrible adjective, I apologize, 1940 called…) camera guy who rarely appeared on-screen (possibly never did?).

I went so far as to write a “Brofile” (yeah, sure, there’s a bucket right over there) of him for that site of which we no longer speak. I think his 2012 Comedy Central show, Mash Up, was awesome and deserved to experience an SNL / Simpsons-esque run. The AV Club gave it good reviews, for Gandhi’s sake.

Quick side note: What’s with Comedy Central putting some of its best programming at 12:30am? While Mash Up most likely died in that time slot, another show in that slot…

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