Blood and Light

Do not lift up your horn on high, do not speak with insolent pride.  – Psalm 75:5

tracks in snow

Hundreds of stolen items recovered after Lakeville housebreaks – News – The Enterprise, Brockton, MA – Brockton, MA.

Recently in central Texas we enjoyed actual snow. Schools declared a snow day, and kids conquered whatever hills they could slide down.  Some used storage tubs or float tubes, others cardboard boxes. A few had real sleds (a rare commodity here). It was a chance to experience fun they normally couldn’t. I saw the white fluffy stuff as an opportunity to have fun and practice shoe impression casting.

Shoe impression evidence is often overlooked. Casting, like the other CSI techniques, needs practice. In my locale, I normally cast in sand, dirt, or mud. A good impression might be the only evidence tying a suspect to a scene–to prove presence. A badly cast shoe impression equates to an ugly chunk of rock. It has…

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