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Asus Z97-A USB3.1

A good value Z97-based board with a great automatic overclocking feature, and the addition of USB 3.1 is brilliant for the money

Asus Z97-A USB3.1

The Z97-A USB3.1 is a refresh of the Best Buy-winning Z97-A board we reviewed last year. The only real difference between the two boards is the addition of two USB3.1 ports on the motherboard’s backplate. USB3 has a theoretical maximum 5Gbit/s of bi-directional bandwidth, whereas USB3.1 doubles this to 10Gbit/s – which should translate into significantly faster data transfer speeds.

Video About Asus Z97-A USB3.1

This was certainly the case in our tests. Asus supplied a USB3.1 external SSD (actually a pair of SSDs in a RAID 0 array) for testing. Our file transfer benchmarks transfer files to and from a RAM disk – making sure the test PC’s storage wasn’t the limiting factor when it comes to data throughput. Large files were written at…

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