Even a Second generation of Home/Touch ID button has been introduced since iPhone5s, some users still have sometimes little issues with it, arguing wrong or bad behavior and usually forcing them go to nearest Apple Store to get some quick Genius technical support.


It is true that with its launch release 1st gen at 2014, there were some initial complaints from first users, but since the last two years, Apple has improved significantly the HW and SW fingerprint recognition of it.

As you can see, although quite small (taking into account compressed technology on it), it’s not a simple push button, but a quite complex electromechanical embedded component composed by a 500ppi resolution capacitive sensor, which can scan sub-epidermal skin layers and offers 360° readability:


Actually, it’s not always necessary go to an Apple Store or send it to Apple Repair Service, as you can first try the following re-calibration procedure.

The process…

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