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People and the power to make positivechanges are the biggest assets (capital) of socially conscious businesses.

Although there are going to be inevitable challenges that social start-ups will face and financial capital that traditional profit-driven corporations have easier access to, social business have powerful advantages that are unattainable by traditional businesses. 

In a capitalistic society, profit-driven companies are more likely to raise capital, access resources (with its capital), offer incentives to attract customers/investors/partners.

However, the new generation of social start-ups are lean, genuine, have power to start a movement, and can connect with people.  These are valuable assets that traditional corporations do not have.  Social start-ups should leverage these elements to create meaningful movements that transcend the monetary game.

Although social start-ups don’t have as much assets and power (monetary) as corporations do, we believe that these small giants can still make some noise our socially conscious community today!

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.


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