zenfone 2 (80)

The hype is real – ASUS’s latest ZenFone 2 is amazing, and the community knows it. It’s beautiful, nice to hold, and certainly is nothing short of incredible in terms of specs. We even got to play with the ZE551ML during the regional launch in Jakarta a while back.

Messing around with it a while made me realize there are 5 features which I instantly fell in love with, but I mentioned that I played with the ZE551ML variant, specifically the one with 4GB RAM.

ASUS will also be having a local event on 9th May at KL Live to show off the brand new ZenFone 2 to everyone!

It’s a whole lot of confusion, but our friends at MDroid got an exclusive look at all the variants ASUS Malaysia will be bringing in, and also has a complete price list.

What we’ve done is a table to compare 

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