Amateur Psychologist

I’m actively in charge of my life and I direct it into constructive channels, is easier said than done! However, nothing worth having comes easy, so knowing and feeling that, is a Blogger’s prerogative. What excites me about blogging is uniquely fashioned for me, as well as it should be. Bottom line, blogging is fun. Fun, fun, fun for me and I’m guessing blogging is fun for millions of Bloggers. Can blogging be a monkey on your back, yes, because our ego’s never completely STFU! Honestly, I can be judgmental or what I like to call,  “Storm Chasing,” it comes with the territory of writing a blog.

One of the things Bloggers have in common, we love to talk, but finding an audience is a different story. It’s called, “Marketing.” My marketing strategy is unique to my blog site(s), and yes, I have more than one blog site. That’s how…

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