Stile Italiano

As stated by Financial Times in this article, Milan was long derided as the ugly, industrial sister among Italy’s resplendent art-filled cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. But something has changed, and it is still changing: Milan is channelling a new identity. And this renovatio (= renaissance in latin) is surprising the worldwide public opinion. In fact, being linked to the past, the old national glory, the ancient monuments is something intrinsic in the italian mentality. Nevertheless, it is time for Italy, one of the nations with the most important history, to look forward, starting from Milano.

So let’s analyse how Milan is shaping its own future



It is an urban requalification project focused on the neighbourhood of Porta Nuova, located in the north east side of the historic centre of the city.  The district is named after the well-preserved Napoleonic gate built in 1810–13 on this site. After a…

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