Yello Mobile, the Korean company that gobbled up 61 companies last year and recently raised $100 million, is always hungry for acquisitions, and it’s back at the table again after picking up Gushcloud, a Singapore-based influencer marketing platform that operates across Southeast Asia.

Both parties declined to reveal a valuation for the deal, but they did tell TechCrunch that it is “multi-million dollars” and for a majority share of the company.

In simple terms, Gushcloud is a service that allows companies and brands to tap into influencers on the internet; including bloggers, YouTubers, vloggers, influential Twitter folk etc. It was the center of controversy last year when Singapore’s most prominent blogger Xiaxue accused it of a range of disingenuous activities, including inflated numbers, buying fake followers and making its bloggers mask ads as genuine posts.

Yello, which is valued at $1 billion based on that recent funding round, is a curious company and certainly…

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