By: Audrey Meißner, Project Manager at nuances

Europe is stagnant. Europe has fallen behind in wealth creation. Innovation in technology is sorely lacking. Europe needs to restore its competitiveness. Europe needs entrepreneurs. Europe needs to change in order to succeed in a world of ever-increasing competition and innovation.

These sentences can be heard across Berlin in conference halls during keynote speeches and later whilst hands are shook. These statements are all true, if harsh, and audience members tend to nod their heads in vehement agreement. This change, they say, needs to take shape in actively seeking innovation, encouraging a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, and becoming more like the United States. As a citizen of the US, it is the last comment that always grabs my attention. The United States and its corporate giants are always mentioned, initially in awe, and then minutes later with disdain. It is the short period…

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