Ask The Dave

Here are some things that people don’t tell you.

  1.  You can’t overcharge a smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery life isn’t the same as your old phone. You will probably need to charge it every night.
  3. You don’t need to drain your battery all the way occasionally.
  4. Be careful of your data usage. Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi before you download anything. Turn data off for apps that you don’t want to be accessing the internet when you are out and about. Good article
  5. Siri and Google Now. Use it, learn it, love it. Siri guide: Google Now:
  6. Make sure you read the permissions that a app is asking for. If it’s asking for permission to access things that it really doesn’t need access to, maybe find a different app.
  7. You now have access to the accumulation of human knowledge. Use your phone to connect with people and learn new things. Find your…

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