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It may have only been a little over six months since we reviewed the original ZenWatch, but Asus is already back with a second generation of its wearable. The ZenWatch 2 has a similar design to its predecessor, but offers significant customization over two different case sizes.

While the original ZenWatch was only available in a single, stainless steel and leather strap combo, the new model follows closely in the footsteps of the Apple Watch, giving the user the opportunity to pick up a smartwatch that’s more specifically tuned to their tastes.

The new watch is available in two different sizes to fit either 22 or 18 mm bands. It has an IP67 water resistant case (the original was only IP55) and measures 49 x 41 mm (1.93 x 1.61 in) and 45 x 37 mm (1.77 x 1.46 in) respectively. Asus hasn’t provided details regarding the exact sizes of…

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