The Fenixx Nest


When I speak not

Your voice echoes

When my waters are calm

You’re the tempest waves

When I go right

You say go left

When I truly desire

You attempt to say otherwise

This game we play

Back and forth for as long as we know

I know the black holes that surround you

Trying to ensnare me in your vice

Against that which serves me

You care only for yourself

I have taught you well

You are a star pupil

That gleams in a darkened sun

Believing a false reality

That my roots have been dug out

Your sentiments are the base

How the truth isn’t want you think at all

I’ve allowed you the satisfaction

Of feeling you’ve won this tug of war

And I thank you for the aspects

That which you made me better

Allowing me to see what it is

That I wish not to…

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