Walmart and Tesla have more in common than you might think. Strong founders with stories designed to capture the imagination of consumers have fueled both brands—around low prices in the case of Walmart, and around the future of electric autos at Tesla. While Tesla is looking for cash—and presumably profits, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Sunday, Walmart is looking to increase profits after a miss last quarter.

Industry disrupters: Walmart [fortune-stock symbol=”WMT”] has succeeded in changing wide swathes of the U.S. retail landscape for food, clothing, and household goods—and in the process supplanted mom-and-pop stores in less populated communities. Tesla [fortune-stock symbol=”TSLA”] is still working to disrupt the car retail model, which is heavily dependent on dealerships—some of which are smaller and family-owned. A report by Morgan Stanley at the end of May suggested that while many car dealers still oppose Tesla’s online presence, larger…

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