• Toyota’s statement last week that its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will get 312 miles between fill-ups is a shot across Tesla Motors Tesla Motors bow.
  • That 312-mile range beats the longest-range battery-electric car, the Tesla Model S 85D, which can go 270 miles on a single charge.
  • “”The Mirai is the first zero emission vehicle on the market to top the 300 mile range,” a Toyota spokesperson said in an email.
  • And Toyota needs do that with a fuel cell vehicle because that’s the technology it’s staking its future on as a long-range green vehicle solution (Toyota does not believe battery-powered all-electrics are the answer).
  • GM appears to be determined to beat Tesla to market with a mass-market all-electric EV with a 200 mile range — the Chevy Bolt.

Source: Forbes Business

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