If you are planning to buy any cloud based IT service, you might already encounter the term MT SaaS (Multi-Tenant Software as a Service) or service in multi-tenant environment.

So what actually this term ‘Tenant’ stands for, in IT industry !!

Lets take an example from out of this paradigm of IT.

I own a building, with lots of rooms in it [believe me if I have, I would not be writing this blog 😉 ]. I let the rooms for rent to the people who are interested in, so if we say it in commercial language these people are my customers or we can say ‘TENANT’ of the building. I made arrangement for avoid the tenant from disrupting other tenants and Yes I live in this building, too.

Now back to paradigm 😉

Like wise the above example, MT SaaS is a Software/Application running somewhere in some data-center…

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