Key words:

Analyze, seek, find, basics, target, marketing, need, sales, competitive, offer, solution, value, SEM, SOA, SEO, keyword, content, capital, finance, commercial, investment, leasing, finance, insurance, computer, software, e-business (e-commerce), acquisition, consulting, CRM, P & L, Business Development, targeted marketing and sales, seeing the big picture, innovative, keen on innovations with real meaning, technology without real meaning makes it something that has no meaning, seeing a concept that works makes me interested and makes me ask WHY ?, discussing with people with same values in life (home, work, health, freedom of thoughts and living a life that gives fullfillment), business with meaning (values), GOAL keeping, interested in team work, interested in leading, think before you take action, before you buy or pay for something look if you can do it yourself, efficient in connecting with the right people and parties, Big question´s that resolve many things:


USING these BIG ? you can figure out many things. “Seeing the flow and process of the flow: I call it a STREAM. The bigger one is a RIVER and the flowing river ends to the SEA” What Iam saying basics is the key so: “GET BACK to the basics and follow the stream and in the end you will find the SEA”

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