Questions & answers:

Describe your ability to solve problems in the workplace.
I have apetite for problems because I want to work my mind.

Describe your ideal job.
Rational Masterminds

– Global thinkers with original minds, INTJs have a natural talent for improving systems and are good at finding connections between things. INTJs are creative, imaginative and intellectually curious and daring. They can quickly grasp complex theories and ideas.

– Due to their analytical nature, INTJs make excellent strategic problem solvers. They have extremely high standards for themselves, but usually manage to meet or exceed their expectations and goals. They have a good sense of underlying structure and meaning, and are often drawn to science, math and other similar fields.

– INTJs are comfortable in their intellectual world and spend a lot of time alone in thought. However, they can become rather excited and talkative when discussing important projects or areas of expertise.

– INTJs are the most independent of all the types, and are very difficult to get to know. They are very private, and are cool and formal when interacting with people. They try to avoid being the center of attention, and dislike flattery and praise.

– Because they are so focused on their inner world, INTJs often have a hard time operating in the real world. Being intellectually centered, they have trouble dealing with their emotions and feelings. INTJs are also unaware of other peoples’ feelings and have to be reminded to be caring and thoughtful of others’ emotions.

– INTJs can be condescending and patronizing of people who do not catch on to concepts as quickly as they do. They prefer to work alone or in small groups of equally competent colleagues. INTJs don’t like to share their ideas, but would rather work on them until they are perfect. They have great focus and determination, but are seen as single-minded, stubborn and inflexible.

– The sentences of an INTJ are usually long and complex, and full of ideas. Their speech is usually thoughtful and deliberate, but it can be vague and imprecise. INTJs are very confidant and don’t care at all what others think of them. INTJs are difficult to read, because they don’t use any excess words or gestures. Indifferent to authority, INTJs use the rules that work, and ignore all others.

Everyone has a favorite class in college. What was yours?
English class, swedish class and classes dealing with marketing. In this order.

How do you handle change?
If you look closely at my CV the only conclusion is that I can handle change if there is a sensible reason for it.

How much experience have you had with computers?
In the past I have worked in positions that included sales of information technology but there was also need to have technical knowledge about laptops, desktops, servers, printers, software, etc. At personal level I am interested about technology but also about technology that has really something to offer.

How would you define “leadership” How would you rate yourself as a leader?
A leader is someone who has the capability to make decisions concerning other people or concerning himself. Before one acts as a leader he or she has to have experience, charisma or credibility comes along with experience.

Experience in my book is something that comes along with ones life not just the ideas that come along when someone is studying or reading books. As a leader one has to treat people with respect but also be able to say the right things at the right place, give positive feedback but also the hard ones. ItΒ΄s better to give criticism to a worker privately than publicly.

A leader also shows people how the work is done according to company policy and also listens to workers and helps them with achieving goals and also personal (also team) satisfaction.

I do believe I could be a great leader. In the past I have seen many types of leadership. True leaders are close to workers not behind the wall or shouting from their ivory tower. Along with leadership comes of course the responsibility of making results and also making analysis, analysis of potential customers, keeping key customers and finding new ones, how business deals are made and closed (customer satisfaction).

In any sphere of life success only comes to those who know
where they are going. This is equally true of management.
You must have aims. You must have targets. You must know
what you are trying to achieve. You must know where you are
going before you set off if you are to stand any chance of

If there is one thing to remember about goals it is that
they should be clear. Know where you are going and you stand
a good chance of getting there.

The other vital element is the development of your team, and
by this I mean the development of each individual to his
maximum potential. This means training.

Time and again, in countless surveys, training has been
shown to be a major motivator. It shows the individual that
the company values him and thinks that he is worth investing
in, it sustains the interest of that individual, and it
increases the usefulness and value of that individual to the
company. Everybody wins.

If you are in an inherently exciting business, perhaps at
the cutting edge of technology, or selling some exciting new
product, then it may not take very much to enthuse your
team. The very pace of the business may be exciting. The
chance to do new things and learn new skills can be
motivating. If you are in this position then you are indeed
lucky because your job is that much easier. Unfortunately
for a lot of businesses this is simply not the case and it
falls to the manager to generate that enthusiasm.

Do this by talking about the real value of the work your
team is doing. Remind them how the end product or service
helps the customer or consumer (and it must help somebody or
you would not be in business). Show them that they are all
vital cogs in the wheel, even if only small ones. Everybody
needs to feel that what they are doing is of some use and
unless they feel it they will not put their heart into their
job. Present problems as challenges. Be positive.

How would you describe your philosophy about management?
If you want to manage people you would better do it in a way that gives you and your people the best possible environment to work in. A leader must also be a mixture of many things philosopher, business minded (company), hard when needed, should be able to show empathy when needed, humble, show example and give/share knowledge and tools to employees.

Tell me about the way you work.
My working style is intense.

What are some of the things that motivate you?
Goal setting and career advancement.

What are your work-related goals for the next few years?
My work related goals for the next five year period are:
I want to work as a manager for a international company, make great effort and gain experience about working in a international company. One of my goals is to work for a growth company offering real value to customers and their workers. Company offering as part of their compensation company shares when we are heading for IPO (filing).

What do you do for fun?.
Exercise (physical but also mental).

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I want to learn things about life and especially business. I want to know what I want and why I want it. There has to be time to relax and unwind. There is a saying that before you can learn something new “you have to empty your cup” this means is that if your cup is full a person is not ready to receive new information or otherwise is not ready to learn something new.

Life truly is a journey filled with surprises some of them are pleasant ones and some are not.

What is your definition of success? How have you been successful in the past?
Definition of success is when you set up a goal and you achieve that goal that is success. Goal after goal. It easy to compare business with sports. If you train hard and you have the hunger and desire to win getting silver is no option it is gold you are aiming for. I have been successful and I know I will be successful. Success in life is complex. There are things like, health, home, balance between mind and body etc. People should understand that one of the most important things are to enjoy what you do. If your aim is just on money/salary your aim is actually wrong. If you do not enjoy the actual process and work you do money does not give you satisfaction in the long run. The actual goal is not money. That comes as the result of good work and hopefully a work that you like to do.

What is your favorite TV program?
Quiz shows.

What makes you unique and why should we hire you over any of our other candidates?
Ability to see things and matters in big picture. If there is a problem that needs solving I am the person that will first take a look at the problem from every angle 360 degrees and after I am sure this is the best possible solution it is ready to be presented. What I am saying is that you must think about the parties that are involved and how and what they think. Think before you act. Then again sometimes it is better to act than do nothing about the situation. Compromise.

What motivated you to change careers at this time?
Need to make something that will eventually lead in a leading position. You have to have goals and sometimes turning points where you can evaluate where you are and where you are going to.

“In any sphere of life success only comes to those who know where they are going. This is equally true of management. You must have aims. You must have targets. You must know what you are trying to achieve. You must know where you are going before you set off if you are to stand any chance of arriving.”

A good manager is decisive and is prepared to face the consequences. In fact it is often more important that a decision is made than that it is the very best decision. You can wait forever for all the facts to be gathered, for all the alternatives to be considered, for all the options to be weighed.

But the crucial moment may be passed and the opportunity lost before the decision is made. In the real world you have to decide on the basis of incomplete data and on doubtful information. You must decide and then push that decision through into action.

What new skills or ideas do you bring to the job that other candidates aren’t likely to offer?
New ideas come from intuition, a mind that is willing and able to perform and give new insight to customers. There are always new ways at looking things. Evolution is also a evolution of mind. Mind (power) is the key factor to everything.

What one word best describes you?

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